Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


• Heavy duty construction

• Corrosion resistant aluminum shrouds cores and connections

• Industrial premium efficient TEFC motors supplied as standard or available with customer specified motors

• Highly effecient composite construction fan blades result in lower horsepower requirements

• Standard sizes and designs available for quick delivery or custom built to customer specifications

• Various Process connection sizes and types availbale

• Coating available for harsh applications



Sound Enclosures and Aluminum Structuresrspencpic1

Sound enclosures for:

• PD Blowers

• Multi Stage Centrifugal Blowers

• Reciprocating and Screw Compressors

Sound Enclosure Features:

• Aluminum exterior does not rust like galvanized, painted or powder coated structures

• Enclosures have hinged or lift-off access doors as standard equipment

• Open cell Acoustical foam absorbs high frequency noise

• Optional construction with vinyl mat provides mass to significantly reduce low frequency noise

• Galvanized perforated steel liner positively retains acoustical foam and vinyl. There is no glue to

• Thermostatically controlled and prewired exhaust fan provides enclosure cooling.

• Each unit is custom designed to meet your noise requirements and dimensions.


Water Cooled Heat Exchangers
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Pipe and Pump Skids


Fan Skids

Fan Skid

Oil and Glycol Coolers


Purge Air Heater Blowers

Purge Air Heater Blower

Gas Boosters

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